Law Students

Teaching and mentoring young people was a great way to expand our knowledge as first years. – First year law student

LAWS law student volunteers provide the people power for the majority of LAWS program activities, providing LAWS high schools students with repeated positive interactions with keen and engaged role models. Law student volunteers bring their diverse backgrounds, expertise and personal paths to law school to the table. Their participation, commitment and enthusiasm have an immediate and transformative impact on the personal and academic lives of LAWS students.

Law students participate in LAWS by:

  • Tutoring and mentoring LAWS high school students
  • Developing and facilitating in-class workshops on legal themes
  • Coaching mock trial and Model United Nations teams
  •  Coordinating afterschool clubs
  •  Delivering conference sessions
  • Participating in Postsecondary Student Life Panels
  • Working with newcomer and Aboriginal youth
  • Working for LAWS during the school year or over the summer break

Volunteering for LAWS is also a great way for law students to develop important professional skills, create meaningful relationships with youth, and make a positive and lasting contribution to the community.

 LAWS law student volunteers:

  • Learn first-hand about the complex issues facing inner-city youth and newcomers
  • Provide the support and guidance young people need to succeed in school
  • Act as role models for youth considering postsecondary education and justice sector careers
  • Build rewarding relationships with amazing young people with diverse backgrounds
  • Develop mentoring skills that are recognized  and highly valued in the legal profession
  • Enhance their own classroom learning by teaching young people about the law and communicating complex legal issues simply and succinctly
  • Build their public speaking, facilitation, and oral advocacy skills in a low-stress, supportive environment
  • Cement their commitment to public legal education and public interest initiatives

Volunteers, be sure to check out our dates page for important reminders.