Justice Sector

LAWS owes much of its success and ability to offer such wide ranging opportunities to our students to its strong relationship with the justice community.  Enabling LAWS students to enjoy positive interactions and dialogue with legal professionals is a key part of the program and provides opportunities for positive role modeling and personal, professional and academic mentorship and guidance.

Lawyers, judges, and representatives of the legal profession and justice sector careers participate in our programming and provide essential support in many different ways, including being guest classroom speakers, joining our Justice Sector Careers Carousels, coaching and/or judging mock trials, meeting with LAWS students during courthouse trips, developing materials and resources, and speaking at LAWS conferences such as our Grade 10 Global Citizenship Conference, Grade 11 Intellectual Property Conference, and our annual Justice Conference for Aboriginal Youth. Legal professionals also support our programming through financial donations to our postsecondary bursaries fund and to our overall programming budget.

LAWS relies on the participation of members of the legal profession in three key programs:

  • Our transformative LAWS Summer Job Program, which places LAWS students in paid summer positions with legal employers including law firms, in-house legal sections, government legal departments and public interest organizations. 
  • LAWS Law Firm Mentoring Program, which matches law firms with LAWS partner schools. Our four current pairings are Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP with Central Technical School, Torys LLP with Harbord Collegiate Institute, Dentons Canada LLP along with its client Bank of Montreal with C. W. Jefferys Collegiate Institute and Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP with Westview Centennial Secondary School. Participating lawyers are assigned as mentors to individual students for monthly mentoring sessions at the firms or the partner schools. 
  • Through the LAWS Court Experience Program we partner with the Justice of the Peace bench of the Ontario Court of Justice in monthly job-shadowing sessions with judges, justices of the peace, duty counsel and assistant crown attorneys in five Ontario Court of Justice courthouses. 

To discuss ways you or your firm of organization can participate with LAWS,  please contact us.